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Follow these steps to determine the size of necklace or bracelet you should get:

Grab a soft measuring tape (or if you don't own one, a long ribbon will do), wrap it around your neck or wrist and mark the place where the tape overlaps.

Then, measure the length of the tape/ribbon from the end of the ribbon to the marked place. Remember: you don't want the piece to be too tight on you so add a centimeter or two, to the measurement you get. 

Now, all you have to do, is decide how you want the necklace or bracelet to fit. If you want it to be a bit loose, add a few more centimeters to the measurement you got. If you want it to fit just right, choose the closest size that we offer for the piece you are interested in. When in doubt, choose the larger size closest to your size so that the piece is sure to fit you.

Another way to know your size, is to measure a necklace or bracelet that you own that fits you well.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions using our contact form or send us an email at